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Floral wire and floral stem wire used for decorative

Floral wire, also known as florist wire, is ideal for such bouquets, wreaths and garlands. Green floral wire and enameled floral wire are indispensable tool in creating floral arrangements and bouquets. Floral Pins are used to attach materials to wreaths and other foam bases for decorations or centerpieces.Paint floral wire can be used as flower stem for floral design. Especially in the fall and Christmas season, florist wire can conjure up beautiful flower arrangements. Making a corsage with it is relatively easy.

Our floral wires have the following forms: in coils, on wooden stick, on paddle, on spools. Their color include: Green, silver, red, black, white, yellow, blue, etc. The color of the bright floral wire is not easy to break away. It's inner material can be high quality low carbon steel wire, black annealed wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized wire and copper wire. Standard wire diameter for florist craft wire range is from normally gauge 18 to gauge 34. The higher the florist wire gauge is, the thinner the wire is. The higher the gauge number, the more flexible and thinner the wire is. For example, 28 gauge black annealed floral stem wire with bright color 18 inch to 45 inch long cut wire is suitable for wire sculpture. Colors and sizes of florist wire can be custom made.

In addition, you will found the technology and applications of all types floral wires. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, or need more specific information, contact us by email at .

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Craft wires with 16 different brightly colors.

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 Green Floral Wire on Stick

Green Floral Wire

Green floral wire is used as secure flowers and greenery wire. This floral wire diameter is 0.53 - 5.16 mm, material with carbon steel or black annealed wire.

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Enameled Florist Wire on spools

Enameled Floral Wire

Enameled floral wire's inner steel core has firm enamel coating. Enameled floral wire diameter is 0.3 - 1.6 mm, and green, yellow, white and red color available.

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A roll of green paper covered wire on a white background

Paper Covered Floral Wire

Paper covered floral wire can be used in a myriad of arts and crafts projects.Paper covered floral wire available in 18-33 gauge, with green, red and white color.

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Green Paddle Florist Wire in Box

Paddle Wire

Paddle wire is perfect for hanging wreaths by shaping it into loops. Green Paddle wire is the most popular floral wire used for securing flower arrangements

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Here is the technology center of floral wire. More technical parameters and useful articles are listed for you.

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Enchanting flower box

Make enchanting flower box with small cardboard box, black floral stem wire, silver wire, 12 mm wooden bead, straw silk and napkins or glue.

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Flower Crafts

Make flowers with floral wire.Paper flowers are fast and produce at low cost. Children also have their enjoyment of this tinkering and learn the necessary handles in a few minutes.

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Decorative Floral Wreath for Easter

Decorative floral wreath for Easter with chicken, flower, butterflies and florist wire.

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Do Wreath or Door Wreath

Do wreath or door wreath with floral wire. What is needed is a ring of 30cm outer diameter and one roll floral wire.

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