Do wreath or door wreath with one roll floral wire and a ring.

What is needed is a ring of 30 cm outer diameter:

A straw ring 22 cm, 1 roll floral wire, Ca. 1 kg mixed green, pine, boxwood, conifer green as you wish, dear little more than too little.

To start work:

  1. A pruning shears, gloves (pine or spruce resin!)

    To prepare you cut the branches into manageable pieces, about 10 inches long.

  2. On a straw ring, diameter 25 cm, is attached to the floral wire.

    We start with one hand to launch a couple of branches to hold and use the other hand, the floral wire is wrapped around the wreath around. Whether right or left, you have to try even you know what one is better.

    Just as it should look down at the beginning.

    A green floral wire wrapped around a woody wreath on a gray background.
  3. Now you put like roof tiles to green and gradually binds more firmly with floral wire back row by row in the green.
    So it goes on and on
    The green leaves of the plant are twined to the woody wreath by the green floral wire.
    The green leaves and other ornaments of the plant are twined to the woody wreath by the floral wire.
  4. Finally, one has to carefully lift the first branches and twigs to hide the past and the floral wire underneath.

    With a little practice soon succeed very well.

    When professionals see no beginning and no end.

    A wrapped green wreath on a gray background.
  5. For non-professionals can be at a slightly wider loop hide much.

    Then you start to decorate as desired, whether it should now be a door wreath or a Christmas wreath.

    A wreath with a pink ribbon on a gray background.
  6. For the door wreath is interspersed with beautiful accents Grinding.
    A finished green wreath hung on the wall with a pink ribbon.
  7. Or Christmas Accessories.

    Fixed at Advent wreaths are placed first, the candlesticks and candles, decorating with wire or glue. It is important to precisely the fact that the decoration can catch a fire.

    And you're done! I wish you a beautiful Christmas season!

    A green florist wire wreath decorated with red candles and red ribbons on a black background.