Floral Stem Wire and Straw Silk Make Enchanting Flower Box

What you need: Stable, small cardboard box with lid, Straw silk, Wrap in silver wire, About 20 cm black floral stem wire, Wooden bead about 12 mm, Glue stick, Napkins or glue, and Brush.

Here's how to do flower box :

  1. Enchanting flower box
    The bead with hot glue stick in the middle of the box lid, making sure that the bead hole facing up. Glue the floral stem wire with hot glue into the well hole beads.
  2. The mulberry paper for the box into smaller pieces tear. The paper with brush and napkins stick to the box. The floral wire paste with green silk straw. Allow to dry.
  3. Turn from silver wire a flower. Do not cut the wire and form first five petals and then wrap the center. A piece of wire from the beginning and end stops and is required later for the attachment of the flower.
  4. Cut out for the petals from the corresponding pieces of mulberry paper around with something added. The edge of the paper with glue stick and smear can wallpaper petals.
  5. The finished flower with the other wire fastened to the stem.