Floral wire on spools is versatile for craft and garden art

Floral wire on spools is ideal for tying or wrapping garlands, lengthening flower stems, and securing floral material to wreaths. it is versatile and also can be used in the superior quality of gift, do the craft work, and art for garden.

Three rolls of floral wire spools wires stacked together on a gray background.

Color: white, gold, green, black, red, yellow, blue.

Wire diameter: 0.2 -2.0 mm

Wire Gauge: SWG34#-14#

Weight: 50 g - 50 kg/spool

Technique: drawn wire

Core materials: black annealed wire, galvanized wire, steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum wire.

Package: 50 g - 200 g/spool, 5 spools/plastic bag; 10bags/carton; First put florist spools wire in plastic bag, then put it in cardboard box.

a pool of floral wire in red color

Ebb & Floral wire spool wire red

Six rolls of floral wire spools on a white background with different colors.

Ebb & Colors of floral wire spools

Four rolls of floral wire spools wires are in a wooden box and four of them in front of the box.

Ebb & Floral wire spools wire packed in box