Floral wire, florist wire and floral stem wire

Floral wire, also called florist wire, is an indispensable tool in creating floral arrangements and bouquets. It is ideal for such Bouquets, wreaths and garlands. Especially in the fall and Christmas season can conjure up beautiful flower arrangements. It comes in different sizes and thickness.

Florist Wire is a versatile helper. Some examples: He wears almost invisible butterflies and swans flying over our works of art. As can be bent clasps to fasten sheets and other fine elements on the surface. Instead of wooden skewers or shrimp legs can be bent cucumbers for grasshoppers or dragonflies legs.

Floral wire is important tools for tinkering. Floral pins are also offered. Our florist wires are available in many materials, such as copper wire, brass wire, aluminum wire, and galvanized wire. The aluminum floral wire is soft and pliable, making it ideal for crafting. Using aluminum wires can be decorative stands for flower arrangements, wreath-documents, crowns, and heart-shapes bent wire. Floral stem wire is used for floral arrangements, very popular in the florist to decorate table arrangements.

We offer floral wire in various forms and bright colors including enameled wire, paddle wire, coil wire, paper covered wire and floral stem wire. Its colors cover green, grass green, metallic silver, metallic red, black, white, blue, metallic silver or metallic green colors. The color is beautiful and not easy to break away. Green color florist wire is suitable  for any of your floral arrangement and flower decorating. The paint is fastened on the wire, couldn't be break off when bending the wire 360 degree.

Packaging: wooden stick, spool, plastic bag, box, or carton.

Florist wire on spools in gold, black, red, green and blue colors Enameled floral wire on stick in green color
Paddle Shaped Floral Wire, red Floral Stem Wire with Green Painted
A pile of Floral Pins in green color Small Coil Floral Wire in Green color
Do flower with paddle wire, coil wire and floral stem wire

Floral wire can be used as binding wire used in food bag, keep-food-fresh bag, craft bag and others; as material used in making flower, craft products, Christmas tree and so on.
It is used for many other purposes beyond flower arranging. Floral wire is used in the making of jewelry, wreaths and various other arts and crafts projects that require strong wire to hold items in place.
This florist wire is available for wedding florist. This wire comes in a wide range of colors for today's weddings, and can be used to wrap the ends with flowers, corsages away, causing structures and much more Strong, malleable wire is flexible and easy to mold, yet strong enough to hold.
It is in the production of cultural items, arts-and-crafts widely used. It is also used for decoration of Christmas trees and floral arrangements in the U.S. and in European countries.

The most popular wires:
Paper-Covered, 22-G and 26-G, colors: green, white, gold, metallic red, silver, and metallic green.
Floral wire on a stick, 24-G, 26-G, and 28-G.
Small coil of wire, red, purple, black, blue, white, silver.

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