Green floral wire decorates Christmas trees and crafts

Green floral wire we supply is widely used in making of culture items, arts and crafts. It is also used for decoration of Christmas trees and floral arrangements in the USA and European countries.

 Green Floral Wire on Stick

Green paddle floral wire is most commonly used for securing flower arrangements and for securing greenery. It comes in various shades of green in order to blend in with most flower stems and green plants. Green paddle wire can also be used to wire bows or used for bristles in hair brushes. It is also often used for wiring needs in communication devices and medical equipment. Most green paddle wire comes in a 22-gauge wire strength and comes in sizes ranging from 6 to 30 feet in length, either in spool or stick form. It can easily be found at most arts and craft stores. Prices vary based upon retailer.

22 gauge green paddle floral wire is a general use wire to secure flowers and greenery. Simply wrap around any flower stems and cover wire with floral tape. Also can be used to wire bows onto arrangements and secure greenery or cones to wreath frame.

Detail information in respect of Green Floral Wire:

  • Finish color: Green.
  • Sizes:6# to 30#(wire diameter ranging from 5.16 mm to 0.35 mm).
  • Material:High quality low carbon steel wire, black annealed wire.


  1. Communication devices, medical treatment equipment, weaving of wire mesh, making of brushes, steel rope, filter wire mesh, high pressure pipes, construction, arts and crafts, etc.
  2. Green floral wire is widely used as universal wire for home and garden. By winding the wire onto a rod is also ideal for tying wreaths.
  3. Green floral stem wire is mainly used for stabilizing cut flower stems and as decorative material, which should be included in bouquets.

Packing:spool or stick package.

Paddle Green Floral Wire

Ebb & Paddle Green Floral Wire

Many green floral pins on a green and white background.

Ebb & Green floral pins

Many green floral stem wires on a white background.

Ebb & Green Floral stem wires