Floral Wire, Floral Pins,Wooden Stick Floral Wire

Green Enameled Florist Wire on Stick

Floral wire

Floral wire includes green floral wire, paper covered florist wire and floral stem wire, in a variety of colors and sizes used for flower arranging.

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 Green Floral Wire on Stick

Green Floral Wire

Green floral wire is used as secure flowers and greenery wire. This floral wire diameter is 0.53 - 5.16 mm, material with carbon steel or black annealed wire.

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Enameled Florist Wire on spools

Enameled Floral Wire

Enameled floral wire's inner steel core has firm enamel coating. Enameled floral wire diameter is 0.3 - 1.6 mm, and green, yellow, white and red color available.

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A roll of green paper covered wire on a white background

Paper Covered Floral Wire

Paper covered floral wire can be used in a myriad of arts and crafts projects.Paper covered floral wire available in 18-33 gauge, with green, red and white color.

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Three galvanized floral pins on a white background.

Floral Pins

Floral pins are used to fix floral moss to foam, made from green steel wire and galvanized finish wire. Floral pins are in 1 kg/box, then packed in pallet.

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Green Paddle Florist Wire in Box

Paddle Wire

Paddle wire is perfect for hanging wreaths by shaping it into loops. Green Paddle wire is the most popular floral wire used for securing flower arrangements

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Many green floral stem wires on a black background.

Floral Stem Wire

Floral stem wire is perfect for flower arranging. We supply floral stem wire is from 16 gauge to 32 gauge wire, length 20 - 60 cm, in green, red and blue color

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 Colorful Small Coil Floral Wire, red, gold, green, pink, white, blue

Small Coil Floral Wire

Small coil floral wire is in SWG24-SWG30, 500 g - 500 kg/coil. Floral wire material can be bright iron wire, stainless steel wire, annealed wire, galvanized wire.

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Four floral wires on wooden stick on a white background with different colors.

Wooden Stick Floral Wire

Wooden stick floral wire is ideal for crafts and floral work. Wooden stick floral wire diameter is 0.2-0.9 mm, with green, silver, black, purple, blue colors.

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Three rolls of floral wire spools wires stacked together on a gray background.

Floral Wire on Spools

Floral wire on spools is used for lengthening flower stems, and securing floral material to wreaths. Spool floral wire 0.2 - 2.0 mm, green, red and blue color

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