Paddle Wire green color in 20 gauge to 34 gauge

Paddle wire is perfect for hanging wreaths by shaping it into loops, and securing floral material to wreaths and forms, simply wrap around any flower stems and cover wire with floral tape. Paddle floral wire also can be used to secure greenery or cones to wreath frame.

Green Paddle Florist Wire in Box

Paddle Wire General Sizes: 20 gauge -34 gauge. The higher the gauge the more flexible and thinner the wire.

Material inside: annealed wire, galvanized wire, copper wire, lacquered wire, low carbon steel wire.

Color: Green, grass green, white, metallic silver, metallic red, blue, black, metallic silver or metallic green colors.

Green Paddle wire is the most popular floral wire used for securing flower arrangements and for securing greenery. It comes in various shades of green in order to blend in with most flower stems and green plants.

Features: Bright color, easy for transport and handle.

Weight: 50 g/pc; 100 g/pc; 200 g/pc; 330 g/pc.

Package: 1 pc/ plastic bag; 10 pcs/ box, 5 boxes/ carton.

Green Paddle Florist Wire in Box

Ebb & Green Paddle Wire in Box

Do flower with paddle wire

Ebb & Do flower with paddle wire