Floral Stem Wire, 16-32 gauge, 20cm - 60cm

Floral Stem Wire is perfect for flower arranging foliage, and dried flowers to reinforce stems. Also use to splice stems and attach flower parts to stems, and other floristry work.

Floral stem wires have three types: plain stem wire, paint stem wire, and paper covered floral stem wire. Common use is painted wire, especially in the color of green to harmonize with the settings of the garden and yards. Green painted floral stem wire is less noticeable than bare stem wire in arrangements. Painted Black Floral Stem Wire is needed for the production of flower arrangements or wreaths for binding. Decorative wire is an important tool for crafting and making yourself from flower-flower arrangements.

Material inside: iron wire, galvanized wire, stainless steel wire, black annealed wire, Aluminum wire, and copper wire.

Color: green, white, black, blue, red.

Length: 20cm-60cm (35cm is the most popular), or cut to customers needed.

Diameter: 16 gauge to 32 gauge. The higher the gauge number the thinner the wire. 28 gauge is often used for securing bows, 24 and 26 gauge is an all purpose everyday floral wire, and 20 gauge is perfect for supporting heavy rose heads (wrapped around the stem then pierced thru the base of the head).

20 or 22 gauge green floral stem wire 18inch to 24 inches long is the common use.

Package: 2kg/carton, 5kg/carton, 1T/pallet.

Painted Green Floral Stem Wire Painted White Floral Stem Wire
Green Floral Stem Wire White Floral Stem Wire
Green color Floral Stem Wire Packed in Box
Floral Stem Wire Packed in Box

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